Nestled on Spring Street in downtown Manhattan there is a bright blue doorway which leads to a sparkling treasure trove. The gold and silver disc necklaces and stackable diamond rings will catch your eye in the window and draw you inside to see the array of different pieces in the display cases.

Tendenza Jewelry specializes in hand engraving, whether it be “messages of love and life” in French, Italian and English, or personal customized engraving.

All the pieces are 14K gold and sterling silver. Diamonds are used in interesting and innovative ways throughout their line. They also use leather for their signature wrap-around bracelets. These designs mixed with personal engraving create a unique piece every time.

Tendenza caters largely to a celebrity clientele including Debra Messing, Mena Suvari, Jennifer Esposito, Giselle, Shania Twain. There are also many models and TV anchors who favor these delicate designs. Tendenza Jewelry made its way to the big screen when one of the signature pieces, the elegant “J’aime la vie” necklace was worn by Rosario Dawson in the movie 7 Pounds.